His first video is called "Julian's Back." FRIEND FALLENLEAF1... thank u

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First Male
Second Subscribers: 198K
Third Youtube Channel: Julian2aj
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Description Edit

Julian2 is one of the most popular Animal Jam YouTubers. He does conspiracy videos along with mail times, interesting gameplay, updates, and glitch videos.

Appearance Edit

Julian2’s main animal is a horse. His main clothing items are a steampunk monocle and a sword. His main colors are brown and white. He has 17 animals.


  • Julian2 has 198K subscribers, and has 302 videos.
  • He is a great person to have in the AJ community.
  • His full name is Miles Julian Spencer.
  • Loads of ordinary Jammers swarm him as comes on and he loves his fans.
  • Jammers that have horses often copy his look to show how much they appreciate him.
  • He quit Animal Jam on September 28, 2017.
  • He created the trend called Spinnyboiz by accident. He made a backup named "spinnyboiz" to collect Daily Spin things for his main. The blue head flower and lei came to use in a video called "Trolling Roleplayers in Animal Jam."

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