His first video is called Animal Jam. Julian's back and he is making videos once more.

Some attributes
First Male
Second Suscribers: 160,697
Third Youtube Channel: Julian2
Other attributes

Description Edit

Julian2 is one of the most popular Animal Jam YouTubers. He does conspiracy videos along with mail times, interesting gameplay, updates, and glitch videos — plus he is a great jammer.He is well known for the most popular ship aka Jisteria.

Appearance Edit

Julian2’s main animal is a horse, his main clothing items are a monocle and a sword. His main colors are brown and white. He has 17 animals.


  • Julian2 has 160,697 subscribers, and has 302 videos. He updates daily.
  • He is a great person to have in the AJ community.
  • His last name is Spencer.
  • His first name is Julian.
  • Loads of ordinary jammers swarm him as comes on and he loves his fans.Also created the craze called Spinnyboiz.
  • Jammers that have horses copy his look to show how much they appreciate him.

Gallery Edit

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