Fezzii Jamaa is a budding YouTuber. Although she isn't famous yet, she recently hit 150 subscribers.Edit


Fezzii is a kind, loving jammer who loves to contribute to and help the Animal Jam community. Although she isn't that famous yet, she recently hit 150 subscribers on YouTube on her channel called Fezzii Jamaa. 


Fezzii's main animal is a poofy sheep with large dot eyes. She is wearing a sheep cloak, mira feather, leaf bracelets and cat ears and whiskers on her face to show her love for cats. 


  • Fezzii's obsessed with cats. 

   + She has 156 subscribers. 

  • Her original name was MWOWx, which means Maddie's World of Weevils.
  • Her real name is Maddie.                              Her channel
  • She is reading Warrior Cats
  • She used to make videos of LPS, and then Binweevils.

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