Bepper's first video is called Animal Jam Account Update! ft. Aparri and her last video is called Meeting Famous YouTubers! -Animal Jam at VidCon (Day 2)

Some attributes
First Female
Second Subscribers: 186,796
Third Youtuber Channel: Bepper
Other attributes

Description Edit

Bepper is a very famous jammer and youtuber. She currently has about 215,000 subscribers and 7,516,449 and counting views on her videos. Before Bepper's Fame she used to do LPS.(A.K.A Littlest pet shop.) Bepper is a very nice jammer and her brother is too. So hit there subscribe buttons right in the face. :)

Appearance Edit

Bepper's main animal is a white and magenta arctic fox. It wears a magenta furry, white wings, a red tie, and black elf bracelets.

Trivia Edit

  • Her channel used to be called "Kosho" but she later changed it to "Bepper".
  • Bepper's Brother is aparri and Bepper also has another brother , and one half sister.
  • She has 491 videos and 215,962 subscribers.
  • Her real name is Sarah


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