Aparri 3
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First Male
Second Subscribers: 304,804
Third Youtube Channel: Aparri
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Description Edit

Aparri is probably the most well-known Animal Jam YouTuber. He’s a pretty good Jammer, and is also credited with the creation of the Cheese Tigers. Aparri is the older brother of Bepper. Edit

Trivia Edit

  • His real name is James.
  • He's 17 years old as of March 11th, 2017.
  • Older brother to Sarah (Bepper).
  • Lives in Massachusetts.
  • 504 videos and 319,805 subscribers.
  • Favorite color is red.
  • Also shown favoritism by Animal Jam.
  • One of the most popular AJ YouTubers.

he has also copied julian2. what?! ik what ur thinking but he did. there is a lot of proofEdit

Everyone entitled to who they ship with Aparri. There is no reason to hate on or force a ship. The most commonly known ships including Aparri are Wisparri (Wisteria x Aparri) amongst others. :D


Gallery Edit

Aparri 2

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